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A Tight Job Market for Nursing Graduates


The Internet is getting flooded with articles and reports about a job shortage in health care for nurses. Students are graduating from nursing school and finding it difficult to get a job.

According to Hire Nursing blog, the recession is responsible for nurses being laid off from hospitals. Thousands of people are losing their jobs nationwide. Along with the lost job, the unemployed has lost their health insurance. This results in less people seeking professional care when they get sick. As a way of cost cutting, American citizens are not seeking health care help unless it is absolutely necessary.

Another way the recession is affecting hospital hiring practices is the rising costs of medical supplies. According to some hospital administrators the cost of medical supplies and equipment are cutting into profits of the facilities. According to the HireNursing blog, the Health Affairs Journal stated that the nursing job shortage is only affecting certain areas in the country. However, this new trend might not last long if the economy improves. Plus, there is still the factor of the aging baby boomer generation that could make the nursing shortage reappear.

One example of the nursing job shortage is in Sacramento, CA. CBS13 news reported that nursing graduates are having a hard time finding jobs in hospitals and clinics. A student who was interviewed claimed that she applied to twenty jobs, which only produced one interview, and she did not get the job. This student says she is running into two excuses as to why she can't get hired. One, is that she is told her application has been forwarded to a hiring manager (which never contacts her) and the other is that the facility is not hiring new graduates at this time. Per CBS13, Sacramento graduates are facing new competition in the health care industry. Because of the recession, retired nurses are coming back to the workforce. Retired nurses have years of experience that a recent graduate wouldn't be able to compete with. This new revelation has given hospitals in that area the opportunity to be more selective in the nursing staff they hire. Mercy Sacramento claims that it is required for nurses to have loads of experience if they wish to work in a hospital. The Sacramento region will have 350 students that will graduate this year, but there will only be 130 jobs available to them in hospitals.

Another example of this job shortage was noted by WIS10 news in Columbia, SC. Some hospitals in the area have a hiring freeze in effect. Also, veteran nurses that have reached retirement age are holding onto their jobs because of the current state of the economy. The Baltimore Journal is tracking similar reports of a tighter nursing job market in Maryland.For any type of essay writing help visit the jittery monks .

Judging from these reports the nursing career track is no longer untouchable in the recession. This shows that everyone can be affected in an economic downturn. So, before you invest time and money into education to become a nurse do some research in your area concerning job availability.

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